Phil Eitman’s Comprehensive Catering

Phil Eitman is a highly-trained professional cook who has experience in a number of cooking disciplines. He has years of experience in kitchens, food trucks, country clubs, bbq restaurants and many other establishments all of which he feels have contributed to his mastery of the culinary arts. His private catering business focuses on three areas the he holds most dear.


No matter what the entrée is, baked goods are almost always a part of any special event. They are both festive and delicious, giving decoration to plates and satisfaction to everyone’s sweet tooth. From cakes to cannolis, he knows how to make delicious and decorative baked goods that will liven any occasion.


Phil Eitman’s specialty is his barbeque. His signature recipes and sauces have become a staple of his business, as they are so good that people often have trouble passing them up, even at formal events where expensive attire falls into the crossfire of sauce and rigorous chewing. Whether it is ribs, chicken, pulled pork or Texas beef brisket, Phil Eitman’s varied bbq experience offers a taste of all of America’s most well known bbq hotspots.


With years of bartending and competitive bottle twirling competitions, not only does Phil Eitman know how to make a mean dirty martini, but he also knows how to do it in a fashion that is entertaining to watch. He keeps an extensive archive of classic cocktail recipes in his brain, and also has some signature drinks for those who want to try something that is purely Phil Eitman.


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