Phil Eitman on How to Entertain

Phil Eitman is a person who has an extensive and varied amount of experience in entertaining others. He does it professionally both in San Diego and in Salt Lake City, Utah. In SLC, he runs a catering business that hosts private events, parties, weddings and other medium to large-sized gatherings. In San Diego, he is a fisherman by morning, surf instructor by afternoon, and hostel chef by night who cooks family dinners for guests while humoring them with his many stories. Below, Phil Eitman shares the basic elements that combine to form a festive occasion.

Good People

The amount of entertainment provided at an event, at the end of the day, is usually in the eye of the beholder. Someone could have a Van Halen concert in their backyard and still be bored; and in those types of cases, it could also be near impossible to entertain those types. Luckily, Phil Eitman has always been successful with the people who enjoy his food and stories; but the best parties always include people that have equally as valuable amounts of entertainment pinned to their conversation or lifestyles.

Good Setting

Whether it is a natural or manmade setting, it can always be tailored to make the event that much more joyous and memorable. Aesthetics matter in hospitality and entertainment.

Good Food and Drink

Food and beverages are the two elements that are always guaranteed to get people sitting at the table. And if the food and drink are worthy of table conversation, then the excitement around that event is already amplified, giving people both a reason to sit down as well as something to talk about.



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