Phil Eitman – International Health Insurance- The Who, What, When and How’s.

There are countless programs out there as there are ways to buy by insurance. Once you use Google you could find a myriad of programs, but do you want to try to become an expert for a day? Or even could you?

Phil Eitman believes that most countries, especially smaller ones that you may move too, have a smaller home-time feel. There you would find a local insurance broker who has great knowledge of programs available, and who would help you sift through the myriad of the programs that will best suit both you and your family. If the broker is an expat, more the better. You should always choose a broker.  An agent can only SELL you the insurance of company.  A broker can offer you several companies and help you choose your broker.

 The benefits of a local broker vs and online agents:

1)      The broker has met you and knows your family and your needs

2)      The broker has many local referrals

3)      The broker knows most of the local hospitals and Doctors

4)      Most important, When you have an emergency, who you going to call?

  1. Online Agent: – you call the 800# on you card
  2. Broker: you call the 800# you and you and call your broker, who will call the 800# and make sure you are being taken care of. The Broker acts like a family member working for the insurance company

5)      Filing Claims

  1. Online agent. Call the 800#. You are own your own. This is a detailed process, and you are on your own.
  2. A local broker has a staff to assist you.

Insurance is a substantial financial decision, and to guide you thru programs and get the best services when especially in need, you should always use a local broker.


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