Phil Eitman: BBQ Sides

Phil Eitman’s BBQ catering events wouldn’t be complete without a delicious set of side dishes to accentuate the flavors of his food while also giving guests something to casually munch on long after they’ve had their seconds. These sides are the type that make people forget about how much theyare eating, and can usually lead to overconsumption and serious food comas. Below, he shares what some of his scrumptious side dishes are, and how they add to his culinary experience.

Baked Beans

No bbq dinner is complete without some delicious homemade baked beans, says Phil Eitman. His special recipe includes his homemade molasses-based bbq sauce; the same sauce that he puts on his ribs.

Fried Corn Nuggets

Phil Eitman makes his fried corn nuggets with fresh jalapenos in the middle, which gives them a nice kick but doesn’t take away from the sweetness of the corn or the deliciousness of his homemade batter. These are perfect for dipping in his homemade bbq sauce or curry ketchup.

Fried Pickles

A down south favorite, his fried pickles are full-sized dill spears lightly batter then fried to perfection. With his homemade dill ranch sauce, he completes the circle of pickle flavor with a southern twist.

Mac and Cheese

Phil Eitman’s homemade mac and cheese s certainly something to write home about. He uses a mix of organic Wisconsin cheddar, jack and gorgonzola cheeses. He then bakes it with brie and slices of apple on top to add extra decadence to a comfort food classic.


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