Phil Eitman – Surfing in the East

With great waves and incredible scenery and wildlife, Hatteras was by far Phil Eitman’s favorite stop on his East Coast tour. In order to gain a better view of the East Coast, he headed south. He has made it to the East Coast a few times, making it a point to sample some of the Atlantic swells that come in around hurricane season. Plus he found the water and the beaches to be exceptionally dirty, comparable to some of LA’s beaches. As an avid surfer and lifetime explorer, Phil knows all of the best breaks off the California coast, but that isn’t all he knows.

Phil Eitman was able to catch some choppy, five-foot closeout sets and didn’t have as much fun as he expected. Sandbridge, VA. Virginia Beach is he southernmost part of the state of Virginia, and the community of Sandbridge acts as a gateway to the famous Outer Banks. It also backs up to Back Bay, a National Wildlife Refuge whose natural beauty is a far cry from what Phil saw in New Jersey; and once he saw it his hopes of enjoying the East Coast beaches were restored.Below, h shares some of his favorite East Coast surfing areas and his experiences there in Jersey Shore, NJ

Phil Eitman’s first ever East Coast surfing venture took place on the Jersey Shore in the 1990’s. Hatteras, North Carolina is also a prime spot for surfers who also want to get a good camping trip on the sand or just relax and take in the soothing atmosphere around them.