Phil Eitman – BBQ Round the World

Phil Eitman had gone on a cross-country BBQ tour to find the most competitive areas and gain knowledge about techniques used in a wide variety of bbq regions. Rather, it is because the natural juices are retained throughout the sensitive cooking process, giving it a natural pink flavor that it a good sign rather than a bad one. His smoked chicken and turkey both still have pink at the joints, but that is not because it is undercooked, but because that is at an ideal temperature. Phil’s smoked poultry is out of this world. He brought all of his favorite flavors and methods back home with him to Salt Lake City, UT; and now he features them at his famous catering events. Below are just some of the delicious meats he offers for his guests. Phil’s Carolina pulled pork is also out of this world, no matter where it originates from. It has the perfect amount of crispiness on the outside while still maintaining the juiciness to perfection.

Phil Eitman is a skilled BBQ chef who gained his in this culinary field while working in the southern United States. You can’t go wrong with Phil’s Memphis ribs. It has this tangy and zesty mix of garlic, vinegar and peppers that gives it the perfect amount of zing. He smokes them for eight hours before throwing them on the grill and basting them in a homemade, spicy and thick barbecue sauce that is based on molasses and has this deliciously sweet finish to it.


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