Phil Eitman’s Favorite San Diego Surf Spots

As a lifetime surf enthusiast and seasonal surf instructor, Phil Eitman spends the winter and early fall seasons on the pristine shores of San Diego. While down there, he teaches surfing lessons for supplemental income but also finds time to enjoy his favorite water sport without the restrictions of doing it for work. Below, he shares some basic information about his favorite surf spots in San Diego.

Pacific Beach

The Pacific Beach area is where Phil Eitman spends most of his time, as he both teaches private lessons in this area as well as paddles out on his own for pleasure some times. Pacific Beach is great for beginners who get to enjoy the low to medium-sized waves and friendly sand bar below. There are also some good sets that come in when the tide is right, which is fun for the more experienced surfers.


A mellow longboard wave, Tourmaline is also great for a fun day with friends switching off on the board while also hanging out on the beach and mingling with locals. While Tourmaline’s waves may be more tuned to beginners, they are almost too mellow for the advancement of any skill; it’s all about the fun here.

La Jolla

La Jolla is Phil Eitman’s preferred spot on days when he is really feeling like pushing himself. La Jolla is a reef-rock break area that can have some large swells come through, making it not a break for the faint of heart. Phil Eitman embraces his wild side at La Jolla whenever the sets are firing.


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